• Tenancy Agreement

    Do you have a copy? If not ask your landlord or letting agent for a copy.

  • Bond/Deposit

    Do you know your deposit ID and where your bond is protected? If not check with your Landlord or Letting Agent. Check when your rent is due, don’t make late payments.

  • Inventory

    Check the inventory before you agree it. Take photos of the property when you move in so you have a record of what condition it was in. Ask for any repairs to be done in writing.

  • How things work

    Do you know how the hot water works, how the doors and windows lock and where the gas safety and water stop taps are? If not ask your landlord or letting agent.

  • Gas, Electricity and Water

    Have you contacted your supplier with your meter reading? Are your bills included in your rent?

  • Rubbish and Recycling

    Do you know your collection day? Visit the Council website and put your postcode into the ‘Services in Your Area’ section for lots of useful information including how to recycle and when your collection day is: www.bathnes.gov.uk. Make sure you use the correct containers to help prevent gulls and other pests breaking into your rubbish.

  • Neighbours

    Have you introduced yourself to your new neighbours? They will be a good source of information about the local area.

  • Security

    Make sure you lock doors and windows when you leave the house. Register items free on Immobilise www.immobilise.com. To find out who your local Police team are visit www.avonandsomerset.police.uk. Do you have insurance for your belongings?

  • Council Tax and Registering Address at University

    You need to register your new address with your university and apply for Council Tax ex-emption. Find out on the council’s website