We live in a shared city with people from all backgrounds, ages and lifestyles. That means it is really helpful for everyone to meet and get to know their neighbours.

Our Good Neighbour Campaign launches every October and aims to  give helpful neighbourly advice to permanent residents as well as student residents living in privately rented accommodation. We encourage everyone to meet their neighbours as they share streets and communities. We also share advice on waste and recycling, helping to keep the streets of Bath clean and tidy.  If you are a student or new to your area, take a look at these helpful tips for living in Bath and sharing our city:

  • Meet your neighbours

    Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you move in . Your neighbours will appreciate the effort you made to introduce yourselves from the start. That way you can get in contact with each other if there are any problems.

  • Get involved with your community

    Get involved in the local community. You can do this in different ways. Volunteering offers you a chance to become involved in a project or with an organisation you really care about or develop a new skill. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. Keep an eye out for community  events – be it a fete, a jumble sale, a concert, a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme or a Residents’ Meeting.

  • Explore your neightbourhood

    Explore your neighbourhood. There can be lots going on in community centres, libraries and parks. There are also lots of independent shops and markets to explore in Bath.

  • Respect your neghbours

    Respect your neighbours. Whether student resident or permanent resident, remember that if you are coming home late, there’s a high probability you’ll wake at least one house up if you are shouting down the street. Keep noise to minimum. Remember noise travels a long way, particularly at night time.

  • Register to vote

    Register to vote. This is how you can have a say on the issues that affect your neighbourhood, as well as who gets elected to Parliament. It’s really important that everyone in a community engages with local decision making.

  • Talk to your neighbours if you’re planning a party

    If you are having a party let your neighbours know in advance. Agree a time that it will finish and give them the number of someone to contact. If your neighbours have your number they are much more likely to contact you if there is a problem. Keep doors and windows closed, and keep noise to a reasonable level. Move speakers, TV’s and sound systems away from walls joining your neighbours’ property. Ask your guests to leave quietly.

  • Use public transport or a bike

    Use public transport or a bike. Bath is a small city with regular buses to both Universities. Be considerate if you are a car owner; please park your car thoughtfully.

  • Find out when the bin day is

    There is plenty of useful information on the Council Website about what containers you need, your bin collection day and what you can and cannot recycle.

  • Love where you live

    Love where you live. Check your tenancy agreement- are you responsible for maintaining your garden? If it is you, keep your garden tidy. If you don’t your landlord could charge you for gardening needed at the end of your tenancy.