Have you paid all your rent? Check with your landlord or letting agent if you are unsure.


Do you know your deposit ID and where it is protected? If not check with your Landlord or Letting Agent. Check when your rent is due, don’t make late payments.



Any repairs need to be reported to the landlord as soon as they occur, Most contracts will say that and there should never be a delay.


Have you checked the inventory list you filled in when you moved in? Check for any damages that were not there when you moved in. You need to leave your house in the same condition it was in when you moved in. Check photos you took when you moved in, and take more before you leave. They can be used as evidence in case of any disputes. Arrange an inspection date, and contact your Tenancy Deposit Protection Service if any disagreements arise with regards to the deposit.


Cleaning always takes longer than you expect, but it is important to do a good job. Check on your inventory what needs to be done, and share the workload between your housemates. Clean all areas thoroughly to ensure you get your deposit back. A list of common things that need to be deep cleaned when leaving a house that often go forgotten include the oven, behind units in the kitchen and bins. Check your contract or ask your letting agent to find out if you need to hire a professional cleaner.


Take meter readings and notify the utility companies of your moving out date. Ensure you have paid any outstanding bills. Get the details of all the tenants to make it easier to settle any outstanding bills.


Have you told them that you are moving out? You could be eligible for a partial refund. Don’t forget to get a new license for your new property when you move in.


Check your rubbish and recycling collection days. Have you left both your front and back garden free from rubbish? Your landlord could charge you if they need to remove rubbish left in the property. It is your responsibility to remove all rubbish from the property and you should not leave anything on the pavement except for official waste collections. You could ask one of your neighbours if they would mind putting your rubbish out for you if you are leaving before your collection day.

You can take excess rubbish to the Recycling Centre on Midland Road BA1 3AT. If you are a student in Bath, you don’t need a permit but please remember to take your student ID card with you.



Have you returned all keys to your landlord/letting agent? If you don’t you may be charged for a new lock and keys.


Don’t forget to inform your doctors, bank, mobile phone company, employer, university and any other establishment that sends you post of your new address. You can arrange for mail redirection at your local post office.


Make sure you lock doors and windows when you leave the house. Register items free on Immobilise To find out who your local Police team are Do you have insurance for your belongings?


Ensure all personal belongings have been found. Be sure to check under sofas, beds and behind cabinets.


Does your internet router need to be returned to the internet provider?


Does the last person to move out of the house know what is expected of them for cleanliness and dropping off of keys? Does water/heating need to be turned off? Windows closed?


Have you donated any unwanted items to charity? It’s now even easier to donate items to British Heart Foundation Collection Banks available at both University Campuses and in the city. See PACK FOR GOOD for information.

As you prepare to leave Bath, be sure to be considerate of your neighbours and mindful of any noise made after a night out.

If you require further support for moving out, contact:

University of Bath

Housing: or 01225 383111
Students’ Union Advice and Support 

Bath Spa University

Housing: or 01225 876777
Students’ Union: