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Community Fund

For students in Bath, the Student Community Partnership has a Community Fund of £1,000, which can be applied for in amounts up to £250. The aim of the fund is to enable students in Bath to design and develop projects in the community that will enhance and promote positive relationships between the University of Bath, Bath Spa University, their student population and the permanent residents of Bath. If you have a community project which needs funding and would like to apply, please contact Ghika Savva at

Chair’s Community Awards

Each year, the Bath and Northeast Somerset Council Chair hosts the Chair’s Community Awards. The aim of these awards is to recognise the positive contributions made within the local community and to put people first and inspire others to get involved.

University Involvement

Both the University of Bath and Bath Spa University offer many opportunities on campus for the community to be involved with. Whether this is a lecture about climate change or a chance to visit the latest art exhibition at The Edge, both universities will invite you to come to their campus and be a part of their extended community.

Students, Have You Say

Engaging with the local democracy in Bath is an important way to have your say in the decisions the Council makes.

Make sure you register to vote to giving your input in Council consultations, Bath needs everyone to contribute in order to best share our city.

As a resident of Bath, be sure to know who your local Councillors are and how to best contact them.

You can also become a part of your local Residents Association.

Student Volunteering Opportunities in the Local Community

University of Bath students on campus

University of Bath

The volunteering team at the University of Bath Students’ Union has both V-Team and RAG (Raise and Give). If you are a student there, do contact them for the latest ways to get involved.

Opportunities include:

Volunteer Tutor Scheme in local primary schools
ENACTUS social enterprise program
Volunteering Overseas

The University of Bath offers gym memberships at their Sports Training Village and you can buy tickets to various sporting events on campus.  The Edge Arts centre has regular exhibitions and the community can sign up for a Resident’s Art Pass. Also, there are regular lectures which are open to the public.

It is also the second largest employer in Bath and North East Somerset. Employment opportunities can be found on their website.

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University also serves the community in many different ways, including having its own allotment society. To find out more, contact Bath Spa Students’ Union.

Opportunities include:

Good Stuff Society
RAG (Raising and Giving)

Also, if you are a Bath Spa student, Creatives For You is a free-to-join social networking website that is exclusive to Bath Spa University students.

Bath and North East Somerset

For permanent residents, the Volunteer Centre within the Council can help you find a volunteering role within Bath and the wider area.

There are many opportunities to visit Bath Spa University. Their events page has all their music, exhibitions and lecture events in one place. If you are interested in employment at Bath Spa, their campus has its very own nature reserve, woods, historic listed buildings, and rolling fields, making it a lovely place to work.