SCP actively promotes the increased re-cycling of waste and its storage in a thoughtful and tidy manner. We understand this is not always easy and we have put together three handy ‘knows’ to help students and long-term residents with their re-cycling and storing.


Know your collection day. The easiest way is look at when your neighbours put their waste out (a technique much used by Bath residents) and do likewise. Know your neighbours and ask them about collection days they will be happy to advise. Alternatively, Bath Council list the collection days for different roads in your neighbourhood on their website’s Collection Day tool.


Know your bins. To sort your rubbish successfully the council have provided a lot of bins/ containers/bags. Here follows a description of each bin that will help you with your waste.

The Black Bin collected fortnightly. For any rubbish that will not go in another container. All rubbish to be first placed in a plastic bag. Remember black bins are fortnightly! If you miss it, you have a long wait for the next one.

No thanks

NO food waste — use your food recycling bin
NO recycling NO garden waste —(compost at home or take it for free to our Recycling Centres)
NO hazardous waste or liquid paint — check if you can take to our Recycling Centres
NO hot ashes — let them …cool

Yes Please!

Any items you can’t recycle such as:
✓ Black plastic, plastic film and other plastic you can’t put in your green box
✓ Nappies and sanitary waste
✓ Dog waste & Pet litter

Failure to present your waste correctly can result in fines being issued

Green Bins – collected weekly. You should have two of these. (If you, don’t you can order a second one from the council here – Order box bag or bin). One is for tins, cans, and aerosols and the other is for glass and paper. There are, however, many more items that can be re-cycled please look at the helpful advice below or take a look at the following videos – Recycling.

Box 1: Tins, cans, aerosols, plastic and foil. These items can be mixed together
as they are later separated by magnets in the recycling process.

Box 2: Glass, paper as well as materials you may recycle occasionally like; bagged textiles and small electrical appliances. Please ensure all items are separated in this box.

Kitchen Caddy – collected weekly. Line your small kitchen caddy with a compostable liner or newspaper and put food waste in.  Transfer to your large food bin outside and pull handle forward to deter vermin and animals.

Yes Please!

All cooked and non-cooked food waste including; left over food scrapings, bones, teabags and coffee grounds

No thanks

No liquids, cutlery, trays or plates

Large Food Bin – collected weekly. The contents are converted into electricity to fuel your homes. See this amazing event here – Food waste recycling – creating a circular economy. 

Blue Bag-collected weekly This is for your cardboard. To be collected the cupboard must be cut/folded to less than 45cm square (about the size of a tea-tray). So strong hands and sharp scissors may be useful.

Yes Please!

Cardboard packaging
Cereal boxes
Egg cartons
Food and drink cartons
Toilet roll tubes
Tetra Pak cartons

No thanks

Plastic film
Bubble wrap


Know where to go to get help if you are not sure what goes where, and when.

If you need an extra waste or recycling bag, box, or bin, then you can order one from the Council’s website: Order a box, bag or bin.

If you know a friendly neighbour, they will be happy to give you advice.

Alternatively, contact our Community Wardens on, who will be happy to advise you.