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#GotYaBack was developed by students at Bath College to keep their friends safe after an increase in incidences in the River Avon.

The ‘Got Ya Back’ message is, literally have your friends back! We all love having fun, it’s just about doing it safely.

Here are a few tips on staying safe on a night out:

  • Know how you are getting home
  • Make sure you swap phone numbers in case you get separated
  • Have a place that you would meet up if that happened
  • Create an ICE contact on your phone
  • Stick with your friends
  • Never leave a drink unattended
  • Avoid walking near the river, use lit and public paths and the SCP River Safety Map
  • In an emergency, dial 999
  • Install the what3words app on your phone, so you can communicate your location to emergency services if necessary

Here are our top tips for staying safe near waterways and weirs during the warmer weather:

  • don’t swim alone – but if you do, tell friends where you’re going and download the What3Words app to identify exactly where you are in the event of an emergency
  • be aware of the #HiddenDangers – water is often deeper than you think, there may be hidden currents, unseen rocks, or rubbish
  • if you are concerned about someone’s safety in the water, or are in an emergency call 999 and ask for the Fire Service and Ambulance
  • if you are in trouble in the water, remember to #FloatToLive. Fight your instinct to swim, control your breathing, and lie on your back to float

If you are using local beauty spots near to rivers or weirs, please:

  • look our for those around you and make sure your friends aren’t taking unnecessary risks – #MatesMatter
  • be aware of the impact that noise from music on phones or speakers has on local residents
  • take any rubbish home with you

Where to find support and information:

Avon Fire Rescue Service – Water safety, Know the #HiddenDangers beneath the water

B&NES Council – River Safety

Canal & River Trust – Safety on our waterways

Environment Agency – Check for flooding, Sign up for flood warnings, and Check water quality

RNLI  – Float To Live, Know the risks

Download our interactive river safety map here –  SCP River Safety Map