#Gotyaback Campaign Logo

#GotYaBack was developed by students at Bath College. It began from the deaths of many young people in the River Avon, Bath. Some of the initial founders were close to Sam Amin, who died in 2014. We all wanted something positive to come from these deaths. We are now a team consisting of Bath & North East Somerset Council, Avon Fire and Rescue, Bath Student Community Partnership, Bath College, University of Bath and Bath Spa. Bah! That was a mouthful.

The  ‘Got Ya Back’ message is, literally have your friends back! We are not saying “Don’t drink” or “Don’t have a good time” in fact we’re saying the opposite! We all love having fun, it’s just about doing it safely.

Here are a few tips on staying safe on a night out:

  • Know how you are getting home
  • Make sure you swap phone numbers in case you get separated
  • Create an ICE contact on your phone
  • Stick with friends
  • Never leave a drink unattended
  • Avoid walking near the river, use lit and public paths

In an emergency, dial 999