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The Student Community Partnership (SCP) is made up of the University of Bath, Bath Spa University, their Students ’ Unions, Bath College and Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The SCP is committed to adhering to data protection law and associated regulations as part of handling complaints and issues which arise related to students in Bath. This is in line with both data protection statements from:

Bath Spa University

The University of Bath

The SCP collects certain data when contacted by residents of Bath to file a complaint or raise an issue involving students. This data can include the name, address, email address and phone number of the complainant. The SCP also records the details of the issue and logs it in the complaints database. This database is confidential to the SCP.

The SCP then uses complainant data to match it with email addresses and property addresses of students attending the University of Bath or Bath Spa University. The SCP has approved access to this information by both universities and uses it to contact students and investigate complaints. This information is only used when necessary in line with disciplinary procedures at both universities. If a complaint requires further investigation, such as an educational visit from the Council’s Waste Services Team, the address of the property will be given to Waste Services, but all other details will remain confidential. The same takes place when a noise complaint requires further investigation by the Council’s Environmental Protection Team.

The SCP and its partners take their responsibility under the data protection act very seriously and your information will always be handled confidentially. We ensure that the information is held securely and is protected from unauthorised access.