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Good News Story – Litter pick

Pack for Good Campaign raises over £30,000k to fund life-saving British Heart Foundation research

Thank you students and local residents in Bath!

Preloved items donated to the British Heart Foundation by students and members of the local community has meant that over 19 tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill and over £30,000 has been raised to fund heart and circulatory research.

The British Heart Foundation’s Pack for Good Campaign is designed to encourage students to part with good quality, unwanted items at the end of the academic year.

By doing this, students’ second-hand clothes, utensils, electronic equipment, and books can all be resold to help fund research and, at the same time, cut down on waste going to landfill.


Donation breakdown:

University of Bath 10 tonnes diverted from landfill – equivalent to 104,131kg CO2 emissions £17,906
Bath Spa University 3.8 tonnes diverted from landfill – equivalent to 38,835kg CO2 emissions £6,678
B&NES 2 tonnes diverted from landfill – equivalent to 19,377kg CO2 emissions £3,332
Bath total* 19 tonnes diverted from landfill – equivalent to 191,572kg CO2 emissions) £32,942

* includes additional private student accommodation.


The annual campaign, now in it’s eighth year, runs throughout the summer and provides convenient way for students across the city to recycle any unwanted items as they pack to leave their accommodation at the end of the academic year.


For more information on the 2021 Pack for Good Campaign, see the University of Bath website, ‘Pack for Good Campaign’ nets over £30,000 to fund life-saving British Heart Foundation research.

To find out more about British Heart Foundation donation points see


Donations were also made to Julian House, Mercy in Action, Genesis Trust, Bath Food Bank, and Cats and Dogs Home as part of the Student Community Partnership’s wider Moving Out Campaign. These donations helped raised money for vital support and items for those in need across the city.


We will be supporting British Heart Foundation and other local charities once again in summer 2022 as part of our 2022 Moving Out Campaign, but don’t forget you can donate items to all of the charities listed throughout the year.


Good News Story – Student Litter Pick

Students joined the Community Warden yesterday for the Christmas Litter Pick in Oldfield Park and Westmoreland.

Litter picking is a great way to help out the environment in your local community and to make Our Shared City a better place to live for all.


Monthly litter picks will be taking place throughout 2022 so keep an eye out on our Instagram (Student Community Partnership @scpbath) to find out when the next one is!

Reaching Out to Help Others During Lockdown

Alice Denman, a 1st year Psychology student at the University of Bath, shares her befriending story as a volunteer with 3SG.

“As many have found, living in lockdown is extremely different from normality. Personally, I struggled with the transition between constantly seeing friends, to seeing absolutely none. Once leaving University and returning home, I was so pleased to be with my family, but I did miss the social life I had at Bath. Lockdown made the days tedious, which I mainly filled with binge-watching Netflix… Although, having so much spare time led me to compare my circumstances to others. Of course, I missed my friends and Bath, but I questioned how different I would feel without my family during this crisis.

As a result of this reflection, I was keen to involve myself in supporting an individual who was isolated during this crisis.  I frequently fundraise and volunteer in my free time, so I began searching for opportunities and learnt about the befriending scheme from 3SG through the Students’ Union website.

I am going to refer to the individual I was paired with as “Jenny”. At the beginning of the lockdown, Jenny was not prepared to talk with me. Entering lockdown was tough for everyone but she was particularly struggling. I kept attempting to contact her and after our first call, we frequently spoke throughout lockdown. Jenny went from reluctantly speaking to me to “looking forward to our calls, as they always made her feel happy”; so much so, she began to call me herself for a chat. Not only did our calls make Jenny feel happier, but our chats always made my day too. Every call was comprised of endless topics, where there was never a dull moment speaking about the adventures she had in her life and how pleased she was to be laughing about them again. Hearing about Jenny’s experiences has encouraged me to reflect her ways and make the most of every moment. The optimism she possesses despite the current struggles she is facing is something I admire greatly.

I am so glad I volunteered as a befriender during this crisis and I believe it is so important to put aside some time for others who may need a friendly voice. I will be keeping in contact with Jenny as I would love to hear how she is getting on seeing her family, friends and pet tortoise again! The friendship the experience has developed is something I am so grateful for. I hope other students are inspired to use their free time in a way which benefits others after lockdown ends. If you are willing to listen and are aiming to make a positive impact in someone’s life then I would go for it.”

3SG provides support for local charities across Bath and North East Somerset. Since the start of lockdown, they have been working on numerous initiatives to try and reach vulnerable people and provide support with food, medicine, housing, mental health and money matters.

Girl gardening


I love living in Bath because even though it can be a quaint little city at times, it is still so vibrant and has such a buzz to it. The Bath community is wonderful; everyone is so friendly and willing to help.

As a student it’s great, perfect location from the bigger cities like Bristol and London and the transport around the city is great. Plus you can just walk if you want!

Bath has some great venues for going out, the local club Komedia always has something for everyone. There are also so many great restaurants and brunch places for me to go with my friends.

Also I love the annual events, like the Bath Half or the Abbey Christmas Carols. They are such amazing community events that everyone gets behind. I always try to get involved in as many as I can, as I love meeting the Bath locals.

Bath will definitely always have a place in my heart, and even though I came here for university, I still see it as my home.

We Love Bath- Olivia


I love Bath because it’s such an amazing city. It’s full of life and there is such a nice community feel. I live in Widcombe and I love the little high street with all the shops and coffee places, makes it feel like home. It’s also the perfect location to walk to campus, so saving me money and it’s better for the environment! 

I am a runner and Bath has the most lovely running routes, my favourite it along the canal. There are also lots of running events like the Bath Half and the ParkRuns that I like to participate in. 

Overall, Bath has been the most brilliant place to go to university in – so much that I have applied for a Masters, so I can stay another year!