I love living in Bath because even though it can be a quaint little city at times, it is still so vibrant and has such a buzz to it. The Bath community is wonderful; everyone is so friendly and willing to help.

As a student it’s great, perfect location from the bigger cities like Bristol and London and the transport around the city is great. Plus you can just walk if you want!

Bath has some great venues for going out, the local club Komedia always has something for everyone. There are also so many great restaurants and brunch places for me to go with my friends.

Also I love the annual events, like the Bath Half or the Abbey Christmas Carols. They are such amazing community events that everyone gets behind. I always try to get involved in as many as I can, as I love meeting the Bath locals.

Bath will definitely always have a place in my heart, and even though I came here for university, I still see it as my home.