The SCP visit over 1000 properties as part of their Good Neighbour campaign

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The Student Community Partnership (SCP) launched their Good Neighbour Campaign in October and so far have visited over 1000 properties. The SCP is a partnership between B&NES Council, the University of Bath, Bath Spa University and their Students’ Unions. It exists to promote harmonious relationships with student residents, permanent residents and the wider community of Bath.

The aim of the Good Neighbour Campaign is to offer neighbourly advice and encourage both student and permanent residents to introduce themselves to one another. Student residents were given tips for living in Bath, such as using public transport when possible and getting involved in the community through volunteering and other opportunities.

Harry Wain, Green Champions said “I was amazed by the enthusiasm of the team and the overwhelmingly positive reception from residents. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think it is a great idea for student integration”.

In addition to neighbourly advice, through the SCP students from both Bath Spa University and the University of Bath have door-knocked alongside B&NES Waste Services to offer information regarding waste, recycling and bin collection days as part of the campaign.

Also, as part of the campaign, the SCP hosted Neighbourhood Nachos in Oldfield Park as a welcome event and invited both student and permanent residents to come and eat nachos together. MusicSoc members performed and it proved to be a positive beginning to the year.

Kalyn Mallard, Community Liaison Co-ordinator, SCP highlighted that “Having the opportunity to speak with both student and permanent residents throughout the Good Neighbour Campaign has not only been an encouragement, but has also highlighted the importance for neighbours to meet and get to know one another. As we all live in a shared community, it is the hope of the SCP that we can indeed foster positive relationships between everyone living in Bath. Also, we cannot thank our wonderful volunteers enough for their help with the campaign!”