Hello, we are the new Community Wardens for the Student Community Partnership! We are here to improve relations in the local area and make it an enjoyable experience to live in this community. We’re very excited to meet many of you and do what we can to help with anything from recycling tips to advice on the best coffee-shop in town!

Name: Tom McGrath

Location:  Bristol

Interests:  Football, skiing, electronic music, travelling, and anything nature-related!

What did you study at University and why?  I studied Geography. It was an easy choice for me as I’ve always been interested in different places and the world around me, as well as how it can be preserved or improved.

Best place you’ve visited?  Difficult one! Probably Madagascar, where I went to do a marine conservation project – it was amazing to see all the wildlife!

Where do you want to travel to?  I’ve always wanted to go to India. The culture looks so interesting and I would love to go to a cricket game there!

What would be your ideal Saturday?  To spend it with friends – go on a nice countryside walk in the day and then (post-COVID) go to a fun bar with some good music in the evening!

What is your favourite film?  Back to the Future; the concept is fascinating, and I love the soundtrack. I’ve watched it at least 20 times I would say!!

What is your favourite food?  100% it has to be pizza, but I am a snob for traditional Italian ones only.

Finally (+ most importantly) what are you most excited about as a new Community Warden?  Now that COVID restrictions are starting to ease I am eager to be involved with volunteering projects and campaigns in the community, meeting lots of incredible and very passionate people along the way!

Name: Liz Pritchard

Location:  Bath

Interests:  Tennis, swimming, and a good novel.

What did you study at University and why?  I studied for a Fine Arts Degree at Bath Spa University. I followed this with a change of direction, and studied English for a Master’s Degree at Queen Mary University, London. This reflects both my interest in art and my love of English Literature.

Best place you’ve visited?  I loved Australia and Tasmania which I visited many years ago. I was amazed by its casual and relaxed lifestyle and the opportunity to swim in warm water every day.

Where do you want to travel to?  I visited Finland for a few days in May two years ago and it snowed heavily. I would love to go back in mid-summer and swim in the lakes, sunbathe and take in the wonderful fresh air.

What would be your ideal Saturday?  Coffee in a sunny courtyard with friends, followed by a swim in the Lido at Bristol.

What is your favourite film?  I am more a book person than a film one so I am not sure I can answer this one. However, I have recently taken to Netflix with a vengeance and love everything from South Korea.

What is your favourite food?  The truth is anything that involves eating with family and good friends and that I don’t have to prepare myself. If I really had a gun to my head, I would say seafood in any shape or form.

Finally (+ most importantly) what are you most excited about as a new Community Warden?  As a long-time resident of Bath, I am excited to help improve community relationships and the environment in any way I can. I like the idea of walking around the community and engaging with all the residents that I encounter. I am happy to listen to any concerns, observations, and suggestions that people have and possibly be a part of the solution.

Tom and Liz will be out in the city Monday to Friday. To see their routes, click here.