Recycling bins

Bath and North East Somerset Council are responsible for collecting waste and recycling, but as residents of Bath, it is our responsibility to sort our waste and recycling appropriately and to know our respective bin collection day.

The Council changed the way they collect your rubbish from 6 November 2017- most households have changed to a rubbish collection every other week, in a wheeled bin or re-usable rubbish bag provided by the Council. Recycling and food waste continue to be collected weekly. As a resident of Bath, it is essential that you recycle everything you can to make space in your bin. Waste Services will not collect anything left outside of your wheeled bin or reusable rubbish bag.  For more information about waste and recycling collections in Bath, please visit the Council’s Website.

To receive a helpful reminder about your bin collection day each week, be sure to sign up for SMS messages. Also, if you find you do not have enough recycling containers, you can order more online.

We want to keep the streets of Bath clean and tidy. If waste is not dealt with properly, you are at risk of getting pests and infestations in your property. You can also be fined for not putting your rubbish and recycling out properly. Let’s take care of our shared city.